Holographic Vinyl Notebooks

Just a quick blog today as this project was super simple and easy to do.  Check these out!


My image and font both come from thehungryjpeg The image is a zentangle bear and the font I used is Ewelvian, part of an awesome bundle I purchased with tons of extra fonts.  Holographic vinyl came from CraftyCutter.

Files from thehungryjpeg don’t need to be tidied up so the design part of this literally took 5 mins.  I just dropped in the bear and typed my text.  I wanted my text to curve over the bear, this is really simple.  Just insert shapes – circle.  Make the circle as big as you want your text to curve, click on the arrange button and send it to the back.  Then just ungroup and move your text so it sits nicely on the circle, you can also rotate your text to follow the curve better.  When you’re happy just delete the circle.  Simples!  See below.

bear circle

When that was finished I cut the vinyl and the mammoth weeding began!


I’m not going to lie, there were a lot of fiddly bits in this project and my wedding tool was causing more harm than good on the tiny bits, so I mainly used a very thin pair of tweezers.  (The ones on the left, not the Cricut tweezers on the right, I can’t get on with those at all).  Holographic vinyl isn’t as tricky as glitter vinyl to see your cut marks but you need to be careful about getting the glue from the underside of bits your taking out stuck onto the bits your keeping, it creates smudgy marks.  I did go over my design at the end, (once it was on the book) with a wet wipe to get these off though.  I did this design for an A5 notebook, I really love it but it did make my eyes go funny and some of the detail got a bit lost so it’s probably better to go for a bigger size next time.

Anyway, I love this.  Really easy and really effective.  I hope you found this helpful.





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