Quick little font hack

Since getting my Cricut I’ve gone a bit font mad, downloading pretty much everything I fall in love with from various sources, but then when I come to write something in Design Space I still can’t find the font I like or remember the name of it.  Sound familiar?

Here’s a little hack that might help you.  There’s a free piece of software you can download to print all your system fonts.  This of course wont print the Cricut fonts but it will print anything you’ve downloaded.

https://www.sttmedia.com/printmyfonts-download Don’t click on the big green button that says start download, this is an advert.  Scroll to the bottom of the page where it’s written in red and choose your system


Choose your system and go through the install process, when this is finished you’ll see the box below with all your fonts on the left side.  It automatically shows them saying “example font”.  I wanted to see a bit more so in the “Text written in the font” box I changed this to Melissa Jessica I love you, because I wanted to see some long names and I find sometimes the “i”‘s in fonts can look like “j”s.


Then just export and it’ll print them out for you.  So now I’ve got an easy guide to flick through to see all my non Cricut fonts :-).

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