New from Cricut!!! 3 Products

Many of you will already know Cricut launched 3 new products this week at the their Makeathon in Utah.  The Brightpad, the easy press and the Cricut Maker.

The Brightpads look really cool it’s basically a bit like a mat but with a light under it to make it easier to weed out designs.  It looks awesome!  It’s $79.99 in the US, currently there is no date as to when/if it’ll be launched in Europe.


Second is the easy press.  This could be great for people who don’t space for a heat press.  It heats up to 200 degrees and doesn’t require a Teflon sheet.  The idea behind the press is that it’s a lot more accurate than an Iron with even heat distribution and temperature control.  They say you need to use a silicon mat to press onto and sell this in a bundle for $169.99, they expect this to be out in the European market Sept/Oct this year but haven’t suggested a sale price just yet, or where to buy it but I’d suggest it’ll be Hobbycraft.


And finally the Cricut Maker, the brand new machine.  This machine cuts more things than ever before from very delicate paper and fabric up to balsa wood and leather up to 2.4mm, although this is with a separate knife attachment.  The big difference is the blade, this machine has a rotary blade that actually picks itself up and rotates round rather than continue to drag across the material.  This will be great for things like cloth Christmas decorations, kids toys, quilting, bunting and loads more.  There is a new mat specifically for fabric which makes it easier to stick and restick the fabric without pulling at it.  Plus they’ve teamed up with Simplicity and will be offering a range of their patterns via Cricut Access and to buy.  The machine will come out in Sept/Oct and will be priced at £379.99.  I don’t know what that comes with, or if you need to buy any extras (blades, knives, mats, tools etc).    If you’d like to read more about it, check it Cricuts official blog


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