Glass Etching with Vinyl

I’ve wanted to have a go at this since I saw someone’s youtube video and finally got my chance today.  My boyfriend is a big bearded guy and when he moved in with me he was totally gutted to see all I have in the way of glassware is super cutesy girlie pretty glasses which are all quite small, so I decided to use him as an excuse to do glass etching on a pint glass.

What do you need?  Amour Etch bought on eBay, masking tape, scrap vinyl, paintbrush, weeding tool and of course your Cricut machine and scraper.


First choose your design.  Because this was for a pint glass I chose something tall and thin. This design I bought from it was around £8.00 for 50 sugar skulls, for me this was an amazing deal because I’m a bit of a skull addict.  It dropped into Design Space easy as a .png file with no need to tidy it up.  Once cut you need to reverse weed, ie. remove the part of the design you want to keep.  (I’m rubbish at this and started weeding the wrong bit and had to start again). Once weeded cut your transfer tape a little bigger than the design.  Place over the design and burnish like normal with your scraper.


I peel the backing paper away rather than peeling the design from the backing paper. It also helps catch any little bits that haven’t burnished properly and you can quickly stick them back down.

step 4

Now your design should look like this.


I placed it on my pint glass making sure to keep the image straight and then peeled off my tape.  I messed up a little here and didn’t make sure all the vinyl was properly stuck down, there were little ridges where it didn’t stick at the top which slightly cocked up the end product.


Next cover the outside of your design in masking tape, this helps to prevent accidentally going outside the design.  Lay the glass on a table a prop it up either side with books or something to stop it rolling around. Yes that is a box of Oreo thins on the right, I know they don’t actually make you thin.


Using my paint brush and starting with a smallish amount of Armour Etch on the brush I then painted in lightish strokes all over the design in one direction, then a bit more Armour Etch and all over in another direction.  I continued this process for 7 minutes (I used my phone’s stopwatch to check).  Just keep going over it including all the fine detail slowly building up more and more product.  After 7 minutes I slopped a thick layer or Armour Etch all of the design and left it for 20 mins.


After 20 mins, using my brush I scooped the excess Armour Etch off and put it back in the bottle.  (I’m savvy like that).  I washed the Armour Etch off, you might want to use rubber gloves for this as it’s a pretty strong chemical.  Then I popped off the vinyl with my weeding tool, and washed it again.  And I was left with this…  I love it!  I can see my mistakes and wont make them again but overall so pleased and because it’s etched I can put it in the dishwasher to my hearts content.



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