Freezer Paper, what is it and what can you do with it?

This is freezer paper…

freezer paper

It’s not baking parchment and it’s not baking paper, this is a different thing altogether and it’s an American product.  You can buy this easily on Amazon for £4.50 and you get 50 whole meters to work with.

What can you do with it?  Well I customised tshirts and will talk you through what I did, but if you check out Pinterest apparently you can also use it to print designs onto tshirts, wood and other items, although looking at images the print clarity looks a bit off but this is fine for shabby chic.  I’ll be trying this another time but if you wanted to read about how to print using freezer paper check out this blog from someone else.

So I chose this bear design which I bought from Shutterstock.


You need to lay your freezer paper on your mat shiny side up.  My image is symmetrical so I didn’t bother doing mirror image but if yours isn’t I would mirror image. I used a green mat and the paper setting but I would imagine the light mat might make it a bit easier to take your design off.

Once your image has been cut out, position it shiny side down on your tshirt, or whatever you’re choosing to customise and iron over the design a little.  Don’t use steam.  You’ll notice the design is sticking slightly to your garment (you’re not looking for it to stick like HTV, it just needs to stick down and hold in place) it’ll look like this…

bear white

Ok this next bit will sound a bit scary but I promise you it’s not that bad.  I used an old spray bottle (properly washed out) and filled it with household bleach, (not the thick stuff).  I put a plastic bin liner inside the tshirt to protect the back of the tee and sprayed over the design with bleach.  As the bleach hits the tshirt it starts to change the colour of the tee.   My black tee turned to a rusty brown.  You’ve got to keep an eye on it as you don’t want it to start destroying the fabric.  When I was happy with the colour coming through I chucked it under a running tap to stop the bleaching process and peeled off the freezer paper.

bear done

I think the speckles across the face are from the drips in the tap, so if you wanted to avoid this have a bowl of water at the ready and plunge the whole thing in.  After giving it a rinse I popped it in the washing machine and ta daaaah, I have a totally bespoke one off tee.  This tshirt is by Gildan and it’s a poly/cotton.  I also tried this technique on a more complicated design on a triblend tee.  The bleach didn’t take as much and I lost some of the finer detail but I like it cause it looks haunting which goes with my design.


Another thing you can try is using the freezer paper but this time as a stencil and using fabric paint to paint your design on.  Of course to do this you’d reverse weed (weed out your design to get a stencil rather than weeding the background to get your design).

Hope you enjoyed this 🙂


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