Print and Cut Calibration – Read this before you do anything!!!

Ok, this is super quick blog because actually it’s incredibly easy to set this up via Cricut’s step by step guide but I just wanted to point out one mistake that I walked straight into to prevent you from doing the same.

My boyfriend wanted a little bag to store his Warhammer paint brushes in, so to me this was a great excuse to have a go at print and cut vinyl.  I used Cricut’s iron on for dark garments.

You only get 4 sheets in a pack and with print and cut the calibration lines taking up quite a bit of the page so there is a fair amount of wastage.  So in Design Space go to the 3 lines on the top left and click and “Print and Cut Calibration” will pop up.  You simply follow the instructions.

Now for the bit where I messed up.  For Print & Cut to calibrate you need to print off one sheet, it’ll look something like this…


As I only had 4 vinyl sheets and I thought it would scan this image to calibrate, being my frugal self I decided to just print onto paper and use this for my calibration.  This was neither clever or frugal.  For calibration, Print & Cut actually CUTS your sheet, so I guess you do have to give up one of your sheets otherwise this happens and it cuts your mat…


So now I have cut up mat :-(.  Now what I should have done was test print my design onto paper first.  I didn’t do this and was on the wrong printer setting and printed directly to my vinyl in black and white.  Bad times.

Eventually I managed to print in colour to vinyl and apply.  I’m pretty happy with the result, I think the design I chose (because it’s blocky) doesn’t work great on a black background, but it’s ok and this is a learning curve and bf loved it which is all important.  pac3

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