Fonts! How can I get them, how can I use them?

I see a lot of posts asking about fonts and where to find them so hopefully this guide will help, there’s also a section on my handy links page.

There are literally thousands of fonts, so lets start with the basics.

Cricut Design Space – within design space there are a ton of free fonts you can use.  Click on “Text” on the left column and a box will appear, type what you like and hit return, you can see below mine automatically start writing in Cricut Sans.  This is noted just under the word Undo where it says Font.


If you want to change from Cricit Sans, click on the arrow down and a library of fonts will appear.  In the light grey section you’ll see a choice of All, System or Cricut.  System is basically any font you save or already have on your computer.  Cricut includes all your free fonts and also ones free if you have Cricut Access (a subscription service) or you can pay for them individually.


Using Cricut fonts is simple just click on the one you like and your design will change to that font.  But what if you’ve seen something super pretty and it’s not on your system or in Cricut DS (Design Space)?  This is where sites like,, and kick in.  Dafont offers fonts which are mainly free for personal use but not for commercial use.  This means that you can print a tshirt using a font on there but you cannot sell it.  Under most of the fonts are an option to email the author and pay for a commercial license.   See below…


I’ll walk you through downloading this font as an example and then talk about fonts for commercial use.  Click on the download button and choose somewhere to save the font.  I have a folder on my laptop called “Graphics for Creative” and save all my fonts and images in there.  It’ll download as a zip file.


On my laptop I can see the zip file sitting in the bottom left corner of my screen and I just need to click on it to open, your PC might be different in which case just go into the folder you saved it in and open.  You’ll see the box below open.  In this instance the creator of the font has included a text document which states again this is for personal use only and her details to request a commercial license.  The second file, under type says it’s a True Type Font.  Sometimes when you open these lots of files will appear if you use a PC (Sorry I’m not Mac savvy) you only want the True Type Font.  Double click on this and you’ll see the box below and click Install.  The font will now be installed on your computer.


If you like can now delete that zip folder and your fonts will stay on your machine.  You’ll need to refresh Design Space before you you’ll see these.  So do a quick refresh (F5) and the click back on the font arrow in DS, choose system fonts (or you can keep it on all but it’s just more to sort through) and find this font Midnight Valentine.  Note, if you haven’t saved your work you will lose it doing a refresh.

Using fonts for commercial use.  Anything on Cricut Design Space you can use for commercial use.  Alternatively you can buy fonts, and have beautiful modern fonts and often amazing deals on single fonts and bundles, it’s worth liking their facebook pages and signing up to newsletters for flash sales and they also offer commercial use freebies sometimes too. is also good for buying designs.  I just bought a font bundle from and got 65 fonts for around £10.00.

Ok, so you’ve downloaded your font but it looks funny in Design Space and the writing doesn’t join up like it did before you downloaded it.  This is super easy to fix!!  Look just above the “N” in the grey column you’ll see “line spacing”.


This is currently set at 1.2.  Reduce it by clicking on the down arrow next to it.  As you reduce it you’ll see the letters get closer and join up.


That’s a bit more like it, however the F and the S are a bit too far away.  To the right of the screen you’ll see a grey column with the word Layers and underneath it says Group or UnGroup.  if you ungroup the letters will all be seperate and you can move them closer.  When your finished select all and click Group to bring them back as one unit again.


Hopefully that’s fonts cleared up :-).

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